Rubio’s ’16 bid coming April 13

New York buildings collapse after explosion in Manhattan

Germanwings co-pilot deliberately crashed Airbus jet, french prosecutor says

Superhighway: Russia proposes road that could connect London to NYC

Germanwings pilot was locked out of the cockpit before crash

Most Alzheimer’s patients not given diagnosis by their doctors

Mother, daughter from Virginia on flight that crashed in French Alps

Jolie column about surgery heralded by top ovarian cancer doctors

Angelina Jolie Pitt: diary of a surgery

Can Ted Cruz serve as President if he was born in Canada?

Cruz launches campaign at world’s largest Christian college

Should voting be a choice?

"Exclusively for white people" stickers put on Austin stores

Hillary supporters launch ‘Bill for First Lady’ ad campaign

Hillary’s media generals prepare for war and crisis management

Congressman Aaron Schock to resign

The 33-year-old Representative decided to step down amid controversy over his alleged unethical spending of campaign contributions and taxpayer money.

Lawyer for doctor who helped CIA find bin Laden shot dead

The firing squad makes a comeback

Utah’s shocking decision to reinstate the firing squad as a method of execution is a response to embargoes and boycotts.

Scotland Yard investigated for ‘protecting pedophiles’

Confessions of Australia’s teenage suicide bomber

He was only 18, but travelled a road from atheism to Islamism to ISIS and self-immolation in Iraq. Was he really such a philosopher?

Obama, first lady fly to Los Angeles on same day but take separate flights

Three senators work for legal pot

Mexican president comes under fire over pick for Supreme Court justice

Former attorney general’s record as investigator is being questioned.

Apple retakes lead as world’s top phone seller

Bill Clinton portrait features shadow of Lewinsky dress, says artist

Hillary’s email server traced to Internet service registered to NY home

En foco

Chelsea Handler: Bill Cosby ‘tried to Cosby’ me

Chelsea Handler says she has no doubt in her mind that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted numerous women.


The Obamas are seriously considering moving to NYC

Barack and Michelle Obama are seriously considering moving to New York after his presidency


Is ‘Talking British’ that hard to understand?

Brit James Corden takes over the ‘Late, Late Show’ on Monday night, with early, negative rumblings about his accent.


Everything to Know About Jon Stewart’s Successor

The virtually unknown South African comedian has only appeared on The Daily Show three times. Now he has the hottest job on American TV.

La virtud no es hereditaria
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