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The 33-year-old Representative decided to step down amid controversy over his alleged unethical spending of campaign contributions and taxpayer money.

Lawyer for doctor who helped CIA find bin Laden shot dead

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Utah’s shocking decision to reinstate the firing squad as a method of execution is a response to embargoes and boycotts.

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Confessions of Australia’s teenage suicide bomber

He was only 18, but travelled a road from atheism to Islamism to ISIS and self-immolation in Iraq. Was he really such a philosopher?

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En foco

Ireland Baldwin checks herself into rehab

The model said that she is suffering from deep "emotional trauma".


New mum Scarlett shows off her very thin waistline

New mother Scarlett Johansson shows off very thin waistline in cut-out coral jumpsuit as she leads the glamour at 2015 MTV Movie Awards


Sandra Bullock: ’I’m locked in the closet right now’

Court hears Sandra Bullock’s desperate call to police after she found an obsessed fan inside her home


Taylor Swift reveals her mother has cancer

’She wanted you to know’: Taylor Swift shares the emotional news that her mother Andrea, 57, has been diagnosed with cancer


Sting makes donation to victims of East Village

Novelist Alan Kaufman, artist Jim Storm and others have come together to plan a benefit for the cause.

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